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THE INN Keepers

Welcome to The INN on Trout River! I am Nick, one of your Innkeepers, and I am thrilled to host you at our slice of paradise in northern Vermont. 


I truly am my mother’s son and a product of my Italian American family upbringing. I was raised in my family’s homestead, originally considered to be in the “country” but truly just outside of NYC. The homestead was always a hub of activity for the gathering, entertaining, and, most importantly, feeding of family and friends. My mother carried on the legacy of her mother, and my house was home to all. 


My mother was famous for her upbeat spirit., She welcomed every day by going outside in the morning, looking up at the sky, and yelling, “Hello day!” I can’t profess to have quite the same zeal for life that she did, but I inherited her positive spirit. 


Now after living most of my life in NYC with a long career in corporate finance, I find myself an innkeeper in a small town in Vermont’s elusive Northeast Kingdom. I can tell you that this was not what I envisioned for a second act when I was younger, but I have learned that it actually makes perfect sense. 


From my mother’s replica tavern signs in the bar, to the portrait of my father in his army uniform my brother painted in the Lounge, to my father’s World War II medals on the mantle, The INN is a place of past and future family memories. Filled with overlooked treasures and items nostalgic of a former time that provide different meanings in their new context, The INN has grown into a place of comfortable elegance that is familiar, warm, and inviting. Come visit and let my inn be a home to you, too!


Hi, we are Kinga & Jason, your other Innkeepers, and we look forward to meeting you and hosting you! Kinga is the host for our restaurant, a restaurant server, and the head of our diligent team of housekeepers. Originally from Poland Kinga now calls Vermont home. Jason is the GM, and head chef. Originally from The Adirondack Park side of New York, now a Vermonter at heart. When not at The INN we can be found checking off countries from our list or just 8 miles north in Canada exploring that amazing country!

Our hospitality wouldn't be complete without introducing The Jester of The INN, our dog, Banana. Banana is a 50-pound labradoodle filled with love. She already is excited to smell you, get pets from you, and to trade love. She is the typical inn dog, excited to meet everyone. Like Portland, you will will see Banana out and about inside The INN, and on walks around The INN and in the river.

Kinga & Jason reside off-site, a short mile away.


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